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And I don’t care wtf that pisses off. If you’re sending me anonymous bullshit messages w/ dumb opinions Idgaf. 5SOS fans, you loss, you loss to a better more talented group. And to keep things honest, I don’t even think those boys last another 5 yrs. There will always be a trend w/ boy bands, it’s always next one up. What Fifth Harmony is doing, that’s rare in the music business.

No but honestly, for awhile now, people have known how young + talented Fifth Harmorny really is. We’ve known this, they haven’t even dropped an official album, you know the ones you put out when you actually have buzz? they have yet to do that.

What is a 5SOS (guitarists w/ no real vocal talent other than being another 1D) or (insert boy band) going to do to really over take them? b/c they are just getting started. They’ve (5H) went through national tv contest hand picked and earned their spots against the toughest critics, now are putting out hit singles.

They have the girl power vote and guys are def going to start loving them as they get older, some even obsessed. The vocal talent, the social media, the look… people really want to ask why they deserved that award? wake up And adding one more thing.. read the reviews per shows that they do. The reviewers recognize the talent.

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from “omg fangirling” to “full bo$$ mode on”

Anonymous asked: "have you heard fifth harmony's new song reflection? im in love with it"


it’s out? or are you talking about the live version?

if it’s out somebody better send me the link, b/c the live version is so boss that I need to hear the studio

Fifth Harmony (Artist To Watch) poses with their 2014 VMA Award

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Kiesza - "Hideaway"
Kiesza - "Hideaway"


Kiesza | Giant In My Heart

This video makes me so happy.