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Dolph Ziggler: "Show Off"

ugh coming back to my notebook and watching all these reblogs of my gifs and some/most of them users w/ Dean Ambrose icons, I can’t believe I haven’t gif’d him really yet. That will be corrected soon. I flove him. And Seth and Roman.

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Brie Bella: #BRIEMODE

heel Paige
heel Paige

Anonymous asked: "who do you want to win between Paige and AJ"

I’ve been asked this question a lot. Honestly I like both, but I want Paige to win, b/c you don’t see many 21 yr. olds come into WWE and do what she does. Plus it extends the rivalry. AJ wins, rivalry over. Paige wins AJ starts having doubts and it becomes a rivalry b/c most want AJ to win the title. 

Oh looky there, we’ll actually care about the championship.

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Summer Slam preview

Summer Slam preview

Anonymous asked: "what are you doing now?"

looking for Demi Honda Stage HD vids to gif

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